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Basic open-topped barbecue grills
These are really no more than open hearths on legs. They start small, just big enough for a couple of steaks, and go on up to models that could feed a small crowd. Some have features such as rotisseries, warming areas and storage areas. Remember though, they need to be stored somewhere. If you plan on leaving one outdoors you should consider getting a weatherproof cover.

Types of gas grill?
Gas grills come in a wide range of types and sizes. Before going any further, consider what you want from your grill. How many might you be cooking for, the size of the area where you’re planning to use it etc.  Also consider the quality of the grill. Do you want a product that will last just a couple of years or one that might give you ten years of reliable service? Brands with a reputation for quality products include: Weber, Brinkman and Coleman grills.

These are the things I urge you to consider when choosing a gas barbecue grill:

  • Natural gas from the house supply or propane in a canister?
  • How large a grill do you need? A handy portable gas grill or a large barbecue unit with workspace?
  • Do you want a solid brick built grill or a portable unit?
  • What added features will you need?
  • What is your price range?

I’ve listed only the basic things that you might consider. I’ll expand on these points below. A few minutes spent studying these now might save you $100’s later.

Gas grills are becoming hugely popular and for a very good reason. They are so convenient. There’s little need for preparation, no long wait for coals to heat up and not much cleaning up after you’ve finished cooking.  The only real downside is that gas grills are usually more expensive than charcoal grills due to the fact that they are more complicated to produce. Before you rush out to buy your gas grill though you should be sure you get the type that’s best suited to you.